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Bobby Sowell Backstage - Awards & Reviews

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Backstage with Bobby

Awards and Reviews

Memphis Arts and Music Industry

About the time Bobby was 12 years old, Honky-tonk and Rockabilly music was really striving in Memphis and he started playing in Bars and Night Clubs with much older musicians. They used to sneak him in the back door and hide him behind an upright piano. Bobby also played a lot of Sock Hops and actually joined his first Band in 1959. The Band was called "The Red Notes" They were an all instrumental group. His Mom's house held many of a Jam session for area musicians. Back in the 60's people loved live music and would never call the police. Most of the time, a street dance might have broke out. The neighborhood was rich in plenty of talent. Many successful professional musicians have came out of Frayser and Bobby has picked with most of them. Roy Yeager, Robert Johnson, Jack Holder, Bobby Whitlock, Miller Brothers, Ronnie Scaves, Perry York, David Kelly, Freddy Glass, Glenn Ward, Tom Miller and many others. Other Groups Bobby belonged to included: "the El Dantas", "the Out of Its", "the Cracker Jacks", "Tommy Jay & the Escorts", "the Cornbread Band", "the All American Band", "Switchline Band", "Trinity" and "Two's Company". In 1987 he went on his own and has since become a successful Piano Soloist.

Since those early years, Bobby has come along way as a featured solo Artist and still stays busy in and around every aspect of the Music Industry. A unique blend of all of his musical experiences and expressions comes through in his music today and well into the new century. Bobby is busy writing, producing, recording and creating his own music as well as helping other young and upcoming Artist and Musicians get started through Artist Development in association with BS Productions, Bobby Sowell Enterprises, New Deal Music and Blue Angel Productions. Bobby currently has Five CDs available and is busy working on a brand new release.


Bobby's charisma, charm and free spirit deliverance shows in his performances. -Jam Magazine

Bobby's unique blend of different musical styles and genre crossing makes his piano antics sound refreshing and enjoyable listening music. -The Nashville Musician

Bobby Sowell is one of those performers that we all seem to think we know.

This ol' boy has been there, done that. When I was cutting my teeth with Charlie Feathers, he was right there helping make the Memphis Rockabilly scene rock! He has made a great contribution not only to Rockabilly, but to music history. - Col. Robert Morris, Old Dogs Records


Bobby has won numerous talent shows and awards over his long career, below are the most recent achievements:

2002 Inducted into the Rockabilly Hall of Fame

2002 Independent Artist Site Excellence Award

2002-2003 Winner Golden Web Award

2002-2003 The 5th Anniversary book edition, "The Best of the Internet" of "Who's who on the web" will feature Bobby Sowell's website and will be available in print at newsstands and bookstores around the world. This is the second book this year Bobby has been listed in. The first one was, "Garage Bands of the 60's" by author Ron Hall. You can pick up both books at book stores eveywhere.


Too Jazzy for Blues... Too Bluesy for Jazz... Too Country for Rock... Too Rocky for Country... Too Easy for Classical... Too Classical for Easy... Toooo Much BS!

NEW UPDATE: Bobby is currently involved with forming a new band called ARLINGTON ROAD, He felt the need and the excitement of interacting with other seasoned musicians. Arlington Road Band, a newly formed Memphis band, Rockabilly, Country, Rhythm and Blues. The group performs original compositions as well as covers-ranging from rockabilly to country, contemporary pop to blues. This admixture of styles produces a unique sound all their own. Featuring Bobby Sowell on Piano/Organ/Keyboards, David Miller - Lead Guitar/Vocals, Toney Booker - Bass Guitar/Vocals, Chris Booker - Drums, Kelli Feathers - Vocals/Backup. Look for a new CD release in the near future. Visit the NEW Website...

Arlington Road Band Website

Around the age of 16 another strange form of music was sweeping the country. It was called the British invasion and Bobby once again had to adapt to a new kind of music, in which the organ was a more prominent instrument than the piano in that style of music. So Bobby did pick up on the organ and since there were so few boys that played the piano anyway he suddenly became a sought after and very much in demand musician. He played in numerous groups in the 60's. In 1966 Bobby won the Mid-South Fair and was scheduled to appear on the Ted Mack Original Amateur Hour on CBS Television, but before he could go there, he got drafted during the Vietnam War (that's another story in itself) and his musical career was put on hold! After the war and a bout with alcohol, Bobby got back on the right track. Thank God he Did!

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CMAA Member

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The following musicians where all part of bands with Bobby Sowell during the 60's, 70's or 80's:
BARRY SOWELL (Amazing Rhythm Aces), ROY YEAGER (Lobo/Atlanta Rhythm Section),
BOBBY WHITLOCK (Eric Clapton/Derrick & the Dominos/George Harrison), ROBERT JOHNSON (Rolling Stones/ZZ Top/The Who), BILL HUMBLE (Elvis Presley), RONNIE SCAIFE (Shiloh),
DANNY FITZGERLD (Johny Rodriguez/Janie Freaky), EDDIE SLEISHER (Jerry Lee Lewis),
DAVID MILLER (Bill Black/Castels/ U2), FRED PROUTY (Spiral Starecase/Hot Dogs/Charlie Rich),GLENN CHILDRESS (Lonestar).

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